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Vim for VSCode

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Joe Previte

It’s been a month and a half since I’ve completed the Vim for VSCode course. Since then, I’ve been using the Vim extension every time I code. Even though I finished the exercises, I keep going back to them much like a cheatsheet.

Kevin Ruiz

Student, Programmer

Ever since I switched to Visual Studio Code I missed the speed of editing with Vim, but I also felt some FUD about installing an extension. This course was exactly what I needed — through a series of concise and fun exercises I refreshed my memory of Vim, learned how to use the extension, and now I'm enjoying best of both worlds.

Matija Marohnić

Frontend DX Developer

Today is the day

Take your editing skills to the next level with this course.

  • Checkbox120 activities
  • Checkbox22 commands
  • Checkbox5 exercises per command
  • Checkbox1 cheatsheet
Join thousands of programmers upping their skills

Video courses and guide books have an 86% dropout rate. Here's why.

Most learning services are passive. They’re not engaging. They’re boring.

Getting over a learning curve is always hard work, but does it need to be a battle?

Absolutely not.

Try an active approach.

You deserve to take part in your own learning. Don’t stand on the sidelines. Be in the starting lineup.

Vim for VSCode lets you do just that.

Here are our three science-backed learning techniques:

1. Mnemonics

A memory technique that helps you retain and recall information

As you learn different tools and commands, you’ll associate them with words or phrases.

Learning should never be boring.

2. Deliberate Practice

Consistent and intentional practice. Gradually increasing the difficulty to get closer to mastery.

Combining advanced commands and tools will become easy and natural as you practice and master your editing skills.

3. Active Recall

Constantly testing your memory

Remembering and understanding new things becomes easier as you regularly try to recall them. Each lesson will have you do just that. You will also reflect and explain what you’ve learned.

When you teach something, you get to learn it twice.

Spend more time coding and less time learning.

Armed with this active learning approach, you’ll be able to hone your code editing skills as quickly as you want.

Be efficient. Be in control of your learning. Become a master of your editor and accomplish more with less typing.

Join hundreds of programmers mastering their editors

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Who am I?

Joe Previte

My name is Joe (@jsjoeio). I'm an engineer and an egghead instructor. I've been creating online coding resources for the past 3 years, and teaching for the last 8 years. About a year ago, I switched from using the Sublime keybindings to Vim inside VSCode and haven't looked back since.

I made the Vim for VSCode course because I wanted halve the amount of time it takes to acquire Vim superpowers for others.

I love teaching and getting others excited to learn. My favorite topic is fast learning, or finding ways to learn things quickly

Ready to start coding faster?

The best time to learn Vim was yesterday.The second best time is today.
  • Checkbox120 activities
  • Checkbox22 commands
  • Checkbox5 exercises per command
  • Checkbox1 cheatsheet
Started going through @jsjoeio's Vim for VS Code course
and I already feel like a wizard.

Rahat Chowdhury

Frontend Developer


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Is there a refund policy?

Yes, not to worry. I'm so confident in the value of the course but want you to be happy and actually learn Vim for VSCode through the exercises. Please email joe at this domain along with where your expectations were for the course. This will really up me tighten up the course narrative.

I'm a student, out of work, or have other special circumstances.

I don't want to turn anyone away for money. If you have special circumstances, please email joe at this domain and I'd be happy to see if we can figure something out.

Is there an advanced version of this course?

Not yet, but it is in the works as you read this. Those who purchased the course will receive a discount to upgrade. I'll also be notifying those who received the free preview. If you'd like to be notified otherwise about the advanced version, send me an email at joe at this domain or a DM on Twitter @jsjoeio and I'll be sure to add you to the list.