VIM for vscode

Level up with Vim

Vim inside VSCode gives you superpowers

Today is the day to take your editing skills to the next level with this course. For only $10, you get:

  • ✅ 100+ exercises
  • ✅ 22 commands
  • ✅ 5 exercises per command
  • ✅ Hands-on practice
  • ✅ Active learning

What's included

The course includes 5 exercises for each of the following 22 commands:

  • Navigation
    • h - move left
    • j - jump down
    • k - kick up
    • l - move right
  • Editing
    • i - insert mode
    • A - append to the end
    • I - insert at beginning
    • x - delete a character
    • r - replace a character
    • o - insert line below
    • O - insert line above
  • Moving
    • w - move by word
    • e - move by end of word
    • b - move back-words
  • Advanced
    • a - insert after cursor
    • d - delete text
    • c - change text
    • y and p - yank and paste
    • v - select text
    • f - find text
    • F - find text behind
    • ctrl v - multi-cursor mode

Using Vim can feel like magic

IF you get past the learning curve.

The main hurdle is always learning Vim. I know the reason for this.

Most learning resources come in two categories.

  1. video courses
  2. books

But there's a problem with both. They're passive.

Either you sit in front of the screen watching someone else explain a concept or you flip through pages as you read.

You're not really learning. That's the catch.

What if instead - you could learn it inside your favorite editor?

You already know and love VSCode. Why not supercharge it with Vim?

An active approach to learning

Vim for VSCode uses active learning techniques backed by science.

Active learning is difficult. It's more engaging because it requires effort from your side. The cool thing is that it pays off in the long run. We leverage a combination of mnemonics, deliberate practice, and active recall to teach you Vim.


A mnemonic device, or memory device, is any learning technique that aids information retention or retrieval in the human memory (Wikipedia).

When we teach you command, we explain it in simple terms and make it easy for you to remember by associating commands with words or phrases.

Deliberate Practice

"...deliberate practice lies in continually practising a skill at more challenging levels with the intention of mastering it(Mayer, R. E. Learning and Instruction. 2008).

Each command has 5 exercises in order for you to practice it and master it. Towards the end, you learn how to combine them with more advanced commands.

Active Recall

Active recall is a principle of efficient learning, which claims the need to actively stimulate memory during the learning process (Wikipedia).

The fifth exercise of each command asks you to recall commands you learned earlier. This forces you to think and remember each command. There are also short questions at the end of each lesson which ask you to reflect and explain what you've learned out loud, as if you were talking to someone else.

The combination of these three techniques make up this active learning approach which is unique compared to what you usually see. It's more difficult but also more rewarding.

Spend as Little of Your Time as Possible

It's funny. Most video courses advertise XX amount of hours per content. Instead of fluffying the content or teaching you everything under the sun, these exercises are short, focused and stick to the essentials.

My goal instead is to help you learn in the shortest amount of time.

It took me 2-3 weeks to learn Vim in VSCode. It was a struggle. I don't think it needs to take that long though which is why I made this.

With this, you can learn Vim and be productive in a week.

Best $10 Investment of This Year

I want you to learn Vim through these exercises and then come back to me in a few months and say, "That's the best $10 I've spent all year."

This is knowledge that is timeless. These new Vim skills you pick up through this course will last you for the rest of your career.

Let's think about how to evaluate this investment. Say your time is worth $50/hr. You can learn Vim on your own in about 2-3 weeks with about 30 mins/day for a total of ~10 hours. That's $500 if you were to pay yourself.

If this course can help you reach the same level of skill in half the amount of time then you're saving about $240 ($250 - $10 for the course).

That doesn't take into account the fact that these skills will help you work faster and more efficiently. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? I think so too.

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    About the Author

    joe previte creator of vim for vscode course
    Joe Previte

    My name is Joe (@jsjoeio), and I've been creating coding resources online for the past 3 years, and teaching for the last 8 years. About a year ago, I switched from using the Sublime keybindings to Vim inside VSCode and haven't looked back since.

    I made this course because I wanted halve the amount of time it takes to acquire Vim superpowers for others.

    I love teaching and getting others excited to learn. My favorite topic is fast learning, or finding ways to learn things quickly.

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    Is there a refund policy?

    Yes, not to worry. I'm so confident in the value of the course but want you to be happy and actually learn Vim for VSCode through the exercises. Please email joe at this domain along with where your expectations were for the course. This will really up me tighten up the course narrative.

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    I don't want to turn anyone away for money. If you have special circumstances, please email joe at this domain and I'd be happy to see if we can figure something out.